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June 08, 2018


Something Will Go Wrong:

You will write a line of copy wrong
You will have a client or a supplier take forever
You will buy something and it will be totally wrong
You will set a deadline and be lucky if you get it all done 2 months after that date

I really don’t think I can express this enough, you will do everything in your power to make sure nothing goes wrong but something will go wrong. You are not the exception to this, it will happen and you can either panic (okay no matter what you do you will panic), hesitate and maybe kill the idea you were building, or you can take a deep breath and get to work on a fix.

Getting Used To It

This was at one point in my career a big challenge for me. I am now often described as cavalier, which in some lights can be really negative but in all honesty I just accepted at some point that if something goes wrong the only thing you can do is shrug. It already happened, you fucked up or they fucked up, and nothing is changing that so freaking out is only going to make everything much worse. If you shrug and accept that the only thing to do is work towards fixing the problem than you can get to work with less stress! I am not saying this is an easy process, but every mistake gets a bit easier to deal with if you realize you are freaking out and get to work.


Those four things that “will go wrong” all happened to us, our mugs took about 2 months longer because of indecision and missed deadlines by the suppliers, we bought a $700 printing plate that had an error on it because we wrote a line down wrong in an email. We still launched, the mugs shipped before we needed them, and while we lost the $700 for the plate we caught the mistake before it ruined $1000+ in packaging.

You will make calls, you will send emails, and you will ask for the world from those you are working within an effort to fix whatever has gone wrong. This is the thing about the hustle, it never stops, so you don’t, you just need more strikes than you have gutter-balls at the end of the game.


Failure is a part of success

When you have a mistake or a problem once, you will never want to have it happen again. The longer you run your business or work on your projects, the more of a master of the subject you become. It might fail, and the second business might fail, but with each failure small or big you will learn.

Ideally, we would all be masters before day 1 but that just is not possible, you have to learn along the way otherwise you would never ship anything, you would never launch because learning never stops.

Stay on your grind, keep learning and building yourself then fail until you succeed.

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