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May 06, 2017

Walk Away

Want to make 2019 great?

I’ve got the perfect solution.

Walk away from the things that would slow you down from making that a reality.

Walk away from the things that would cloud your judgment & perspective.

Walk away from the 10 things below…  

Walk Away From The Need For Validation

You don’t need validation from others to make 2019 great. You don’t need permission from others to ensure that 2018 is a year that goes down as being amazing. You simply need to walk away from this story you’re telling yourself and embrace the possibilities in front of you.


Walk Away From Those Who You Know You Ought To

Some people are brought into our lives to simply be there for a short period of time while others are meant to be with us long term. In 2019, it’s important that you walk away from those who no longer inspire you, push you forward and help you live a great life. Walk away from those who hold you down, reject your ideas and belittle your dreams.


Walk Away From Mistakes Made

You may not have accomplished everything you wanted to in 2018 but it’s time to walk away from that. It’s time to look forward at the possibilities and make a commitment to learning from those mistakes. You may have mistakenly pursued an idea not worth chasing. You may have emotionally invested in someone not worth it. Use the new year as an opportunity to walk away from these mistakes once and for all.


Walk Away From The Years Biggest Struggles

From finances to health, struggles are a part of being human. If you don’t have struggles, it’s likely that your life is pretty mediocre and boring. Realize that struggles will continue in the New Year but don’t allow the biggest struggles of 2018 to cloud your future.


Walk Away From Things That Sucked Your Time

If it feels like 2018 flew by and you spent the majority of it watching Netflix, playing video games or scrolling through Instagram – it might be time to adjust priorities. It might be time to walk away from the things that suck your time. In 2019, leverage apps like Pocket, Crate, Cold Turkey, Lattergramme and Buffer to optimize your schedule more effectively.


Walk Away From Moments Of Disappointment

Were you disappointed in how you reacted in a certain situation? Were you disappointed in how you tackled a certain task? Walk away from these moments of disappointment and focus on the possibilities that the new year can bring you.


Walk Away From The Things You Missed

From nights out with friends to after work drinks, it’s likely that there was something you missed that you regret. You saw the photos on Facebook or heard the stories around the water cooler and beat yourself up for not going. Walk away from that. In 2019, use these moments as a reminder to say yes.


Walk Away From Services That No Longer Serve You

Did you sign up for a handful of newsletters or online services that you no longer use? In 2019, take the time to unsubscribe to those that no longer serve you and deactivate the accounts you no longer need. Has it been 12 months since you used your gym pass? Cancel it.


Walk Away From The Moments You Regret

Walk away from the moments you did things or said things that you wish you could take back. Use these moments as insight around how you can improve as a person.


Walk Away From The “No”

It’s time to walk away from rejection. Whether it was a colleague, peer, potential partner or love interest – it’s time to walk away from the rejection. It’s time to pick yourself up and move into 2019 with an open mind to possibilities.


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