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April 19, 2018

 We all know that traveling is good for the soul, but did you know that traveling can help your sex life too?

A national travel survey shows that couples who travel together are significantly more satisfied with their relationship, have better sex, and are less likely to divorce.

Travel is extra important for entrepreneurs who, according to Inc. Magazine, have higher divorce rates than the average American.

The ups and downs of entrepreneurship can put a lot of extra stress on you and your relationship — especially in the early days of building the business.

Experts agree that entrepreneurs who invest in their relationships and take time off to recharge are more successful in business. Yet, many entrepreneurs still struggle to disconnect.

Planning travel is time-consuming and many founders can’t justify taking a “vacation” while their business is in growth mode. This is why remote-work has become so popular.

Remote working allows you to get the benefits of a vacation without needing to unplug completely.

My partner John and I love our remote-work lifestyle. John runs his own web design agency and we’ve spent the last year traveling the world, working remotely, and doing our favorite pastime —  surfing. It’s the most romantic thing we do together. Call me crazy, but exploring beachside communities and gliding on waves in sunny places is way sexier (and more soul-filling) than “dinner and a movie” at home.

Now we’re excited to help other entrepreneurs make their dream of working remotely and surfing together a reality, which is why we founded UNLEASH — a remote-work travel company for couples who surf.

Surfing together is the perfect antidote to the stress that busy jobs and over-scheduling can put on a relationship. The physicality of it gets you feeling happy together, which makes you feel more satisfied with your relationship and more in love. The challenge of it stimulates feelings of admiration for your partner, which amplifies your attraction to them. In short? Surfing is bonding and sexy.

Are you ready to work remotely with your partner? Here are 8 reasons why more entrepreneur couples should travel and surf together:

1. You Have More Time For Each Other

If you’re working remotely and traveling together you will probably be each other’s office companion, after-work drinks companion, weekend adventures companion — you get the picture.

Even if your work is just as busy, your social and home-base obligations are not, so you end up spending more time with your partner.

2. You’re More Productive

Having genuine experiences in new places can actually improve your productivity. Research shows that if you’re traveling at a chill pace (aka not trying to rack up 30 countries in a year) and tasting new foods, hearing different languages, and shaking up your daily routine, then you’re connecting neurons in your brain that improve your creativity, adaptability, and productivity.

Bonus? Surfing is scientifically proven to increase endorphins and treat depression, making it the perfect antidote to the stress that running a business and over-scheduling can put on a relationship.

You’ll see the world, and your work, in a new way. This fresh perspective makes it easier to come up with solutions or ideas you hadn’t thought about before.

3. You Understand Each Other Better

If you’ve got quirks, they’ll show up when you travel… guaranteed. Maybe one of you needs a baseline of creature comforts and the other is happy in crowded hostels. Perhaps one of you loves to plan and the other likes to fly by the seat of her pants. By experiencing new things and difficult situations together my partner and I learned to communicate better and adjust to each other’s wants and limits.

4. You Create New Ideas Together

When my partner and I travel together it’s obvious that the creative juices get fired up. All the external stimulation combined with extra time together means we’re batting around crazy new business ideas over every glass of wine — which we rarely do under the usual pressures of home.

5. You Become Best Friends

By creating memories together and experiencing travel-fails together you share inside jokes about the same unrepeatable moments and you’ll always have something to talk about after work.

6. You Are Vulnerable Together

No matter how resilient you think you are, something will happen while you travel together that will humble you. Witnessing your partner deal with a challenge gives you an opportunity to understand their emotional processes and react supportively – which is great practice for vulnerable moments in your relationship.

7. You Fall In Love Again And Have Great Sex

Research suggests that the experience of away together strengthens the relationship and makes you feel more deeply committed to your partner. According to a US travel survey, that feeling of travel happiness translates well into the bedroom.

8. You Keep Things Exciting

A lack of individual identity can lead to boredom in a relationship. Even if you’re together when you’re working and traveling, you are interacting with your new surroundings in unique ways.

Researchers who study interpersonal relationships say it’s difficult not to admire your partner when you see them happily testing their boundaries in challenging new contexts.

Want To Convince Your Partner To Work Remotely?

If you’re ready to focus on the things that matter to you, travel, and be more productive but your partner isn’t sure I’ve written a blog post on how to convince them to work remotely and travel!

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