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May 01, 2019

Podcasts have quickly become one of the most easily consumable forms of media.

They make way for passive learning and entertainment that appeals quite well to our shortened attention spans and all-around increasingly busy lives.

Podcasts are easy to pop on and listen to while in the gym, falling asleep at night, cleaning, on your commute, and as background noise while you work.

If you’re an entrepreneur, this type of content is gold.  

While you’re hustling, you’re always on the hunt for new ideas and content that keeps you motivated to continue forward - not to mention, content that can be consumed on the go wherever you may find yourself.

If that sounds like you - if you’re looking for some raw inspiration today - then look no further...

Here are the 13 best podcasts for entrepreneurs in 2019 (in no particular order):

Eventual Millionaire is hosted by business coach, Jamie Masters. In each episode, she speaks with self-made millionaires who share with listeners their stories of success and failure.

From discussions related to marketing and finance, advice on how to hire great talent, and even insights into how our health and wellness affect our success, these folks provide actionable tips that you can use to drive your business forward.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you likely know who Tim Ferriss is, so it’s natural to find his highly-popular, long-running podcast on our list.

The episodes vary in format, topic matter and length. He may spend under 20 min providing listeners with some quick tips on improving sleep habits, or up to 3 hours interviewing a top computer hacker. From athletes to doctors, film directors to investment specialists - there are some unique stories and insights coming out of this podcast that can really apply and appeal to everybody!

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Another podcast that has been around for years - This Week In Startups features, well… just that - weekly updates on anything you may want to know while building and running your own startup.

Pick up some new strategies from various tech founders and CEOs, stay up to date on the latest industry news, and listen to some really surprising tales of startup growth and success.  

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The ability to lead is one of the most underrated skills needed to run a business. Everybody thinks they can do it, but very few actually can. If you’re driven to succeed, Lead To Win is a podcast you’ll want to add to your playlist.

In this series, hosts, Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller, discuss some issues and ideas that come up regularly in business, such as taking on your biggest goals, dealing with burnout, and figuring out how to create better productivity habits. It’s motivational and really makes you self-reflect - in the very best ways.

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Ted Radio Hour, hosted by Guy Raz of NPR, is like a mashup of all your favourite motivational Ted Talks, but in audio form!

Each episode goes in-depth on a very focused topic (i.e. humans relationship with animals, how to make work more meaningful, freedom of speech, etc.). While not specifically entrepreneur-related, there are some really neat conversations had between Guy and his guests that are fun to listen in on. You’re guaranteed to learn something new!

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If you’re looking for the real dirt, look no further than Recode Decode, hosted by top Silicon Valley journalist, Kara Swisher.

In this podcast, Kara talks to major players in tech, politics and media to discuss the growth of their companies, along with their latest ventures, projects and big ideas. What’s neat about these interviews is that technology is consistently added to the conversation as the role it plays any given industry is explored. From theatre to journalism to politics - tech is really woven through it all.

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The purpose of The Knowledge Project is to educate, and it does just that.

In this podcast, Shane Parrish really let’s his guests do the talking as he probes entrepreneurs, athletes, doctors, and many other folks at the top of their games to share their best lessons for success. A lot can be gained from these insights that can be applied pretty holistically to our work and lives.  

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The Mixergy - Startup Stories podcast is a by-product of Mixergy - a company built with the mission of interviewing and providing teachings from really successful people.

Host Andrew makes a point to often talk numbers and, believe me when I say - whether or not you’ve heard of these folks before - in this podcast, you’re learning directly from legitimate founders who’ve grown their businesses to very significant sizes.

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Ah the dreaded to-do list… As much as it keeps us on task - it can also have a way of completely taking over your life. But no longer!

Beyond The To-Do List is all about mastering productivity. Listen as guests who specialize in various facets of organization share personal stories and teachings that you can apply to both your work tasks and life tasks. This podcast has actually been around for 7 years and seems to welcome bursts of popularity at various times of the year - which likely speaks to the pattern with which we humans seek out motivation and inspiration.

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The quirkiness of this podcast is apparent as soon as you see the fire-mic icon… not to mention the intro of each episode (you have to listen to understand what I mean). Entrepreneurs on Fire brings you passion, energy and fiahhh!

Listen to this podcast for some really raw and remarkable stories from neat individuals who have found a lot of success growing their own businesses. We all know the many ups, downs, twists and turns that one can experience in entrepreneurship—and just in everyday life—and the guests on this show don’t hold back in sharing their true experiences.

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With the right mindset, habits and tactics - you can really achieve the lifestyle you want! That’s the premise behind Being Boss, hosted by two self-professed “business besties” Emily and Kathleen, who run their own creative businesses.

Each episode covers a different topic that anyone growing a business would find relevant. Whether it’s just a discussion between the two hosts who are sharing their experiences, or an interview with other entrepreneurs reflecting on their own daily grind, the tone of this podcast is really a breath of fresh air.

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No matter what you may or may not think about Gary Vee, the dude is a great salesman and does a great job at providing very tactical, very actionable information. And who isn’t looking for that?

The same can be said about The GaryVee Audio Experience. This podcast is a mix of interviews with interesting people, Gary’s recorded talks, episodes from the #AskGaryVee show, and even just Gary jumping on and speaking on a topic on the fly - as he’s often known to do all over the net.

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Last, but certainly not least, is Myleik Teele’s MyTaughtYou Podcast. If you’re an entrepreneur flying solo, just trying to figure things out - Myleik’s got you covered!

The nice thing about this podcast is the way Myleik talks to her listeners and the wide range of topics she touches on. In the early days, her episodes consisted of reflective thoughts and advice delivered in a very raw, unedited way that was much akin to having a one-on-one chat with your mentor. Now, she’ll occasionally pull in some special guests to build upon the conversation, but still maintains that realness that any rising boss can appreciate.

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So there you have it - did we miss any? We’d love to hear your feedback on a great podcast that’s been keeping you consistently motivated. Give us a shout in the comments below!

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