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April 27, 2018

As an entrepreneur, you are no stranger to long hours.

Whether you are a full-time entrepreneur or a 9-5’er with a side hustle, you are logging more hours than your friends.

You need to relax! Not as often as the normies, but you still need to.

Because you can’t afford as much time off you need to ensure that each moment counts!

Keep reading and learn some of the basics of a “Relaxation Ritual”

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Plan Out Your Next Day/Work Session

We have talked about this before as a productivity tool, but aside from an increase in productivity on your next work day, you also get the benefit of knowing you have 100% finished your work. You can take stock of your progress, your wins, and know that you haven’t forgotten anything. This way when you go to relax you won’t have any nagging feeling that you are forgetting anything or any sense of wonder about what you have to do tomorrow.

Turn Off Your Computer

We have all walked past our office door knowing that the beast is on and that with a shake of the mouse the screen will come alive and we can “just do one more thing”. Let’s face it, one more thing is NEVER one more thing…check out the clip below and tell me you don’t have your own version of events.

At the end of the night before sleep or at the start of a long break, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER! You might have a computer that boots up in seconds but trust me, the fact it is off will stop you from needing to do that one last thing. This is also a great time to put your phone on the charger but even I can’t make that part of the ritual stick.

Do Something Consistent

I don’t care if it is a cup of tea (my go-to) or a bottle of water, or even a walk around the house. The important part is to pick something that you can consistently do anytime you need to relax. This is the most “ritualistic” part of the whole relaxation process. Rituals are something we all have, they are present in all cultures from the religious to the mundane, from sacrament to play off beards. The reason we have them is that they work!

“Recent research suggests that rituals may be more rational than they appear. Why? Because even simple rituals can be extremely effective. Rituals performed after experiencing losses – from loved ones to lotteries – do alleviate grief, and rituals performed before high-pressure tasks – like singing in public – do in fact reduce anxiety and increase people’s confidence”

– Why Rituals Work, Scientific American

While more studies need to be done there is already strong anecdotal evidence that shows a correlation between rituals and success. They make us more confident, reduce anxiety and allow us to stick to the plan.

Do Something Engaging

I don’t care if it is a book, a movie, the gym, or eating a burrito, as longs as it’s something that takes your mind off work and makes it damn hard for it to drift back. Make a short list of things that help you relax, that draw you into them and make sure that you do one each time you go to relax.

Each time you need to relax, do one of these activities! The goal here is to actually forget work, to simply have that voice in the back of your head stop talking and just enjoy whatever you are doing! Even if it is the end of the night, budget a little bit of time between working and bed. You will thank me when you see how much easier it is to fall asleep.


You need to build a system that allows you to walk away from your work and keep it off your mind. As an entrepreneur, you spend more time working and focusing on work than 9-5’ers, and because of this, you NEED to develop effective ways to relax and to disconnect from work. By creating a ritual you will increase your odds of unplugging and increase how much relaxation you can squeeze out of your off time.

Plan. Turn Off. Be Consistent. Be Engaged.

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