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January 25, 2018

So you want to be an Entrepreneur, well guess what?

You’re not alone. In a recent study conducted amongst 18 – 30-year-olds, more than 60% of the respondents expressed that they’d like to work for themselves. Yet in reality, most of these people will continue working away in their nine to five jobs and never make the jump into entrepreneurship. For them, they’ll someday die with a big what if stamped on their forehead instead of being able to look back and say they gave it a shot.

Every day people around the globe are embracing the power of entrepreneurship.

The power to make your own hours. The power to set your own goals. The power to work on projects you care about. The power to walk away from a 9 to 5 that isn't ’t rewarding and do meaningful work in a place you love with people you trust. That’s the power of entrepreneurship and the power I’m hoping this blog post can help you unlock.

Here are five great side businesses that you could start today: 

Become A Consultant

Consulting can be very profitable. What is a topic or industry that you know better than most people you know? Whether it’s understanding medical marijuana industry or understanding marketing – you can make some serious cash sharing your insights and knowledge. Sites like Clarity.fm, oDesk and Elance offer a quick and easy way to get started at no cost but another option would be a more formalized approach.

Time To Start:1 week to 1 month

How To Start: Set up a landing page that explains exactly what you do and how you can help a business or individual achieve success. Start a blog to build your reputation in the space and distribute that content across your social channels. 

Cost To Start: $500 – $5,000

Event or Party DJ

Do you have an appetite for music and keeping the party going? It’s not like you’ll be Avicii overnight but you can definitely land a few gigs after hours. Set the life and atmosphere for any party by providing the music that will leave people dancing and thinking about their night for weeks to come. If you have a passion for music, this just might be the side-hustle for you!

Time To Start:1 week to 1 month

How To Start:If you don’t already have good DJ equipment, get some. You can start with smaller equipment and do small events and then as you save up to build up some cash, upgrade to the better equipment.

Cost To Start: $500 – $5,000

Food Delivery Service

Cookies, muffins, coffee, groceries, donuts, sandwiches and more…

These are things that everyone has a craving for every now and again. Start a business where you will actually deliver these items to people throughout your city and you’ll have a thriving food delivery business in no time. Throughout the week while you’re at the 9 to 5 – you could hire students to assist in the delivery process and manage the weekend buzz on your own.

Time To Start:Less than 1 month

How To Start: Create a process for taking orders, this one could also be as simple as setting up a PayPal or Stripe account and accepting orders through a WordPress template. Don’t forget to give that option for rush delivery with an extra $5 surcharge!

Cost To Start: Under $50

Dog Walker

Some dog owners don’t have time to walk their dogs or aren’t able to during the day. This is where your side hustle comes in. If you have a passion for animals and aren’t allergic to dogs; taking dogs for a walk could be an easy win to make some side money every month.

Time To Start:Less than 1 month

How To Start:Make some basic posters and put them up around your community describing your services. Create a Facebook business page and be sure to share client testimonials and pictures of the dogs having fun on their walks alongside your pricing and contact information. References are also key for this side hustle.

Cost To Start: Under $50

Etsy Maker & Seller

Create things to sell on the popular handmade-inspired website; Etsy. Seriously!  Meet Etsy’s richest seller: Alicia Shaffer – A mom-of-three sells 3,000 items a day and earns more than $65,000 a month from handmade socks and scarves. That’s right. She’s making a killing and so can you!

Time To Start: 1-2 month

How To Start: Create Etsy and PayPay accounts, check the availability of your Etsy shop name, and set it up. Simply start listing your handmade, vintage, or crafted items and be sure to mention that you can do custom orders!

Cost To Start: $100+

Start one, start all, use your hustle to make more money on the side and get closer to a life of freedom. Want more ideas? We’ve got you covered – Download these sixty ideas and GET HUSTLING!

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