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January 26, 2018

 Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means food preparation is in full swing, and school artwork is exclusively hand turkeys. It’s a time to show thanks, and that’s not only to family and friends but in the office and at work.

If you’re the person leading an office, you might want to show your team that you’re thankful for the work they’ve done over the last few months. From the late nights to the early mornings, most employees go underappreciated and deserve a few thanks from their manager.

As Thanksgiving is in the air, we thought it was only appropriate that we put together a list of Thanksgiving gift ideas that you could give to your team to show thanks.

An Inspirational Mug

Mugs are a staple in any office setting…

Which makes it the perfect gift to give your team especially when it has a layer of inspiration on it. Inspirational mugs can give your team a boost of motivation each time they sip on their coffee and act as a silent yet constant reminder to go above and beyond the status quo.

Not to mention… Inspiration just plain feels good.

If you’re interested in a few great mug ideas that you can give your team, here are a few:

Amazon, Chapters and even here at Hustle & Grind we have a wide range of inspirational mugs. This glass mug from Chapters really stood out to me with their simple design and slogan:Rise & Shine.

It’s the perfect motto for earlier mornings in the office or those lovely morning meetings. The glass also makes it perfect to see how long your tea needs to steep and the amount of cream/milk in your coffee).

Rise & Shine inspirational mug

Order The Rise & Shine MugHere

Yeah, these next two are a bit biased, but I have my own and I love them.The Death By Decaf comes in a neat matte black and the slogan couldn’t be any truer.  

Death Before Decaf mug

Order Your Death Before Decaf  MugHere

This Don’t Be Good, Be Greatmug really resonated with me and is a great reminder to strive for your best even when you’re not feeling like 110 percent.

Don't Be Good Be Great mug
Order Your Don’t Be Good Be Great MugHere

A Classic Yet Thoughtful Gift Card

Gift-cards are always a great approach for the team you know well because you can customize them to your team’s needs and wants. They’re the most accessible gift for even the pickiest person and allows you to show how valuable your team is to you.

Here are some standard gift-cards for your team to use:

Coffee shops

Coffee is the staple to most writers and workers, and if they’re not chugging coffee there’s a good chance they’re drinking tea. So why not indulge the habit with a little gift card to a favorite coffee place in your city?


Amazon has a plethora of items, so a gift card for the site is great to appeal to the variety of interests on your time. It can also benefit you, as it can:

  1. 1) Encourage your team to buy books or resources to help inspire them.
  2. 2) Offers flexibility to buy something new for the workspace.
  3. 3) Gives your team a chance to buy something personal that they’d like.

Best Buy

Technology is a business's best friend, so a gift card to a technological haven makes sense.


There’s a wealth of information to be found in books, and Indigo has thousands. You can order everything online or go in person and browse the book-shelves.

Pie, Cake, Cupcakes, Ice Cream Or Any Other Goodies!

It’s a Thanksgiving Day special, so why not bring one in to liven up the office with the wonderful scent of fresh pie?

Food is a universal language, especially food that is in the form of a sweet treat. So it only makes sense to have a dessert of sorts to make the office smell positively amazing. It’s a great motivator to get some pre or post-Thanksgiving work done before the food comas sets in.

Now I don’t have any referrals for pie places worldwide, so my suggestion is Google or Yelp the nearest/best bakery near you. Apple and Pumpkin pies are classics, but feel free to spice it up (no pun intended) with a different one! It’s a great treat to make the office feel like home.

Inspirational Art For Your Teams Desk

Posters are a nice way to primp up your office space, both your team’s main office and home office. It’s also a great way to show your team thanks while giving them a bit of inspiration.

You can’t get blunter than this poster onEtsy, a simple hand-written “Give Thanks” on a white-bordered frame:

Give Thanks poster

Grab the posterhere.

Another great quote poster is thisquote poster from the one and only Harvey Specter from the hit TV show Suits. It’s a reminder to your team that dreams are great but goals are measurable.

Harvey Specter Suits quote poster

Grab the posterhere.

Live your life with this awesome cursive poster onEtsy as well.

This Is The Life cursive poster

Grab the posterhere.

Hustle and Grind also have some awesome posters to choose from.

ThePurpose poster is a personal favorite of mine, it keeps you in the hustling mindset and looks amazing while doing so.

Grab the posterhere.

Thisposter is a statement in any room and keeps you motivated to make work that matters.

Invest in your dream poster

Grab the posterhere.

Office Supplies… With A Twist

Memo pads have been my savior, especially when I’m doing the groundwork for journalism and writing. But having a boring notepad is just that; boring.

Here are some other options to make your writing more exciting:

Moleskin notebooks are a great gift for any occasion and especially to any writers on your team. Indigo and many other larger book-stores sell them in any size you may need or want.  Want a cheaper or more compact alternative? We sell our field guide notebooks on oursite.

Photo frames are a great personal touch to any space, so why not get one for your team? You could include a group photo or let your team put in a photo of their own.

Artifact Hungry has some great options for framing for every occasion, along with photo albums, cards, and prints.

Looking for general office supplies, or trying to make a gift basket of sorts?Rad and hungry has you covered, with awesome vintage style office supplies.


This isn’t a finite list of gifts for your team, but hopefully, an inspiration to grab your team little appreciative gift for their hard work and dedication. If you are still in search, feel free to roam our shop to grab a couple more ideas!

What do you think about these gift ideas? Would you want to get these for your team or receive them? Let me know in the comments or get in touch overTwitter.

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