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January 28, 2018

Like any business, for a startup to succeed, it must first get the culture right. Find the right people to do the right things. Appreciate, respect, and give credit to those responsible for successes. Build a culture that will attract, retain and inspire employees. Work satisfaction among employees is critical to progress.

Here are five tips for establishing an encouraging employee experience while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive: 

Align Staff.

Share your business values and your vision with all staff members. Hire people who resonate with your mission. Let them know they are part of something that is game-changing. Get employee buy-in for a solid foundation on which to build your startup.

Communicate Constantly.

Keep abreast with employees — not as in micromanaging, but as in having awareness of what they are doing, acknowledging their contributions, and supporting them in their efforts. Coach them. Make sure they understand the long and short-term goals, and that they know what is working to achieve them.

Educate Employees.

Give staff members regular learning opportunities. From a lunch and learn seminar to an online class, there are many ways to sharpen the skill set and keep employees engaged.

Encourage Fun.

Social interaction, personal joy, and comradeship foster a sense of belonging. This builds a sense of community and strengthens the team.

Invite Contribution.

Ask employees to come up with creative ideas for improving and growing the business, and reward them when they do! Every position is critical to the overall game plan.

In all of these ways, make sure to recognize that employees add value to the company. The company culture will bolster employee satisfaction and commitment. Their commitment to the mission fosters the growth of your startup. It's a virtuous circle.

(Originally posted on the InvestSouthwest blog) 

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