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June 14, 2018

Success is a tricky word that can have as many definitions as people in the world. For some people success is being wealthy and owning expensive things, for others it’s having a family and being happy. Whatever the meaning of this word might have for you or what you plan on achieving in your life, there are some general philosophies that every successful person follows.

When you picture yourself living a successful life, what do you see in it? Probably you’re asking yourself how to get to that point and where to start. Every successful person out there has something in common and that is an attitude. The right attitude can take you to unknown places and help you accomplish your goals in life. But, what is the right attitude? And how can you have it? Well, I’ve put together some of the traits and characteristics that successful people have:

1. Be the best version of yourself

Whether you’re just cooking your dinner or about to start a big project at work, make sure that every single activity that you put your mind on will always get the best out of you. There is no point in doing things halfway and not giving your best. It doesn’t matter how small or big your goal is; you need to do your best, always.

The best way to prove others, and yourself, that you are reliable is by always showing your best face. New and exciting opportunities will come along the way if you show people that you will always give your best and deliver. You never know who’s looking or considering you for a new job or an opportunity that can change your life. Moreover, seeing for yourself the amazing things you can accomplish when you put your whole heart, mind, and effort into something will boost your confidence and self-image.

2. Be committed

To be the best version of yourself you also need to be committed. Distractions and procrastination have to be put aside along with temptations: if you know something will divert you from what you are doing, then you better avoid it for good.

When you are committed to an activity or project, you do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you have to wake up really early or work until 3 am in the morning, you do it because you’re putting everything into the completion of this activity. That is the attitude you need to take whenever you do something, even if it is as simple as helping a friend with something. When you push yourself to always be committed to whatever you set your mind on, things like being responsible, reliable and accountable are a no-brainer. This is what you should strive for.

3. Be motivated

Commitment and motivation go together like bread and butter. You can’t be committed if you are not motivated, and you can’t be motivated if you are not committed, they go hand in hand. It’s hard to find motivation when life gets difficult but the key to overcoming a lack of it is as simple as acting. You might not be motivated at all but if you start acting as if you were every day, motivation will come to you by itself.

Helping others to feel motivated is also a way to boost your own inspiration, you will find yourself feeling as good as the person you helped. Don’t let excuses or bad times bring you down and always try to find a way to be inspired and motivated by what you do.

4. Be prepared to take risks

Amazing things won’t happen to people that sit around and wait for them to fall from the sky. Life is a wonderful experience full of surprises, but you will only see this when you come out of the shell and start saying yes to things. Keeping an open mind and an approachable attitude will let others come into your life to teach you things and improve it.

Take risks every day and avoid having unnecessary routines, say yes to things that are scary (good scary of course…). Some of the world’s biggest millionaires started their business by taking a risk, some of the nicest and closest families out there started when two people decide to take a risk and go out with a stranger. You never know what’s around the corner. It could be the love of your life or the chance to accomplish all your dreams. Move forward and get out of your comfort zone!

5. Be kind

There is nothing more appealing than a kind personality. Good people are like the light in a dark room and that’s the reason why everyone wants to be around them. Be the light in your room by keeping an approachable and kind personality in every aspect of your life. Don’t let success fool you to think that you are better than others because that attitude will keep people away from you.

Be grounded and open to others, new experiences come into our lives when we are not expecting them, but we are prepared to receive them. Try to be that person everyone admires and wants to hang around, be proud of yourself. Remember good things happen to good people.

An extra tip…

Follow your instincts. I bet nothing bad has happened to you when you followed that little voice in your head. Whether you call it heart or instincts, that feeling we get sometimes that tells us to stop or go forward has to be heard, even if it seems crazy. The experience you will get after it will teach you a lot and help you improve yourself even more.

There might be no recipe for success as it means something different for each of us, but there is definitely a lot you can change in your life and yourself to be prepared for it, and that’s a great start.

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