Podcast: Streamlining your life and escaping the 9-5

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Hustle and Grind’s co-founder Ross Simmonds joined me on a podcast to talk business and efficiency; and if you’ve ever fantasized about quitting your 9-5 but have obstacles impeding you doing so, this is a podcast you should listen to.

On this episode, we dissected how entrepreneurs can streamline their lives, decrease e-mail obsessiveness, and use social media properly to stand out from all the internet clutter.

We also talked about Hustle & Grind, which currently rocks over 100k Instagram followers, how Ross uses Insta stories to engage with his audience — and how that, in turn, effects Snapchat. We then discussed his routines, who his role models are, and how he effectively quit his 9–5 grind at the age of 24.

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