15 Little Habits That You Can Do To Start The Day Off Right

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Once upon a time my morning ritual consisted of an annoying alarm clock, an annoyed young man and an indented snooze button.

It became a ritual for me to set my clock to an obscure time but to still press snooze over and over and over again. Upon slapping the clock I’d pull my head under the sheets and ask myself – “Should I get up?” And I’ would answer:

“Next one…Next one for sure.”

An hour would past and it was time to get serious…

I’d hop out of bed as if I was accomplishing something not realizing that I just spent an hour debating with myself whether or not I should stay warm in the covers or risk the feeling of cold hardwood on my feet.

Fast forward to the present day and it’s a whole new morning ritual. Instead of pressing the snooze button over and over again, I’m more likely to stretch my joints and carpe the freakin diem! So how did I do it?

Practice. Every night I ensured that the last thing I thought about before bed was the morning and how I was going to get up on time. I challenged myself to get to sleep earlier and never work past 11:00PM.

Then I stumbled upon this blog post about breaking the typical morning ritual and followed his advice to a tee. It worked.

The earlier you wake up, the more hours you can put into accomplishing and achieving your dreams. Here are 15 healthy morning rituals that will bring you closer to living the life you’ve always wanted:

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From WTF?! to Freelancer in 7 Easy Tips

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Freelancing can be intimidating. The landscape is broad and as a result, it can be difficult to find your niche within it.

On one end, there are full-time freelancing gurus like Ramit Sethi. They’ve hustled to a point where they can command rates that sound like a startup’s earnings report.

Conversely, there are people who have a full-time job and just freelance for fun. They might have an Etsy page. They’ll shoot the occasional weekend wedding. Or they’ll design and sell custom cards for the holiday season.

While it’s easy to find people on either end of the spectrum, that leaves a large gap in the middle. So what about people who want to make a modest, but consistent living from freelancing? Read More

27 Instagram Captions For Hustlers Working Late

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Who here has worked a late night? How about an overnighter? I know 100% I have multiple times. There’s something about working by lamplight that just gets you focused and puts you in work mode. Grabbing that midnight brew and working until your eyes blur over from focusing on something for so long, telling off the 9-5 mindset and just getting stuff done.

Now who here is guilty of taking a photo of yourself or your set-up and posting about it? Don’t lie, everyone has done a minimum of one on some social media platform. There’s a feeling of pride associated with showing off your late night work ethic. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

After all, if you don’t post the various stages of your late night endeavour, did you even stay up?

The only issue with posting those nighttime photos is coming up with a quirky and catchy caption when your brain doesn’t understand the difference between to, too, and two.

The great thing about taking late night hustle photos is there is no right photo. No argument on the perfect lighting cause lamp lighting is usually amazing. Poses can range from reflective to ridiculous.

And for this range of photos you can take while the moon is out, you need a range of captions.

So, here’s a list of inspirational, interesting, and funny IG captions you can use in your next obligatory moonlight shadow post:

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21 Quotes on Learning From Mistakes

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Success is like an iceberg. When you look at it from water-level all you see is the peak but, when you look beneath the surface, you see the true mass that creates the awe-inspiring final product.

When you see success or successful people all you are seeing is the peak and you are not seeing the struggles, failure, doubt, worry, mistakes and close-to-quitting moments. They have all experienced time and time again.

What you find is rather than worrying about doing something right or perfectly, those who have succeeded embrace failure. They aren’t immune from mistakes. Their mistakes may stop them, momentarily, they may make them question their goal, their abilities and themselves overall but they keep working, regardless of how many times they fell down before.

It’s the fear of making mistakes publicly or privately that can stop one from achieving their goals before they even get started. Doubt can creep in and overtake. This should not be the case. Read More

Why Making Decisions Is A Waste Of Your Willpower

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All the two Israeli men could do was hope.

Hope that the judge would hear their cases thoughtfully and free them to return to society as reformed convicts.

Each case was the same:

They both committed fraud.

They both were serving 30-month sentences.

They both were well-behaved during their 18-months in prison.

The only difference – at least on paper – was the time of their parole hearing. One was at 8:50am and the other was at 4:30pm.

The lucky man with the morning hearing was granted his freedom, while the unlucky man with the late afternoon hearing was to spend the next 12 months behind bars. [1]

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7 Ways to Write Better Action Items & Get More Done

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Do the items on your action lists tell you what actually needs to be done?

A routine observation from facilitating workshops and coaching people on issues related to productivity and strategy execution is that the way people are formulating action items simply isn’t helping them. A well-written action item contains enough information to spur you into action rather than just serving as an anchor for you to then remember what needs to be done.

That’s fairly abstract, I know, so an example here will help. Take the person who wants to write a business plan. Oftentimes, when I look at their action item for this, what shows up is something like “TPS Report.”

That’s it.

Now, imagine that they look at this list three weeks later. How likely is it that they’ll remember what they were supposed to do with the TPS Report? Was it to review it? Edit it? Start it? Get some help on it? Send it to Manager Rob?

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3 Business Lessons A Fat Guy Learned At Yoga

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I’m probably not your typical yogi. My chair pose looks a little bit like walrus pose and if I fold down enough, breathing takes an awful amount of work. And yet, through the first 20 days of January, I’ve been to 12 yoga classes. It’s been a lot of work; mental, physical (and scheduling if I’m honest) work but I’ve found it to be incredibly beneficial.

What I’ve found most interesting is not that I can stand on one leg and tie crazy knots with my arms but rather how I’ve been able to apply yoga to the rest of my life, in particular my business. So I thought I’d share with you 3 Business Lessons A Fat Guy Learned At Yoga. Read More

Your $10,000 Product File…(Hint: You Already Have It)

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Students Working

You have an information product that people want, you just need to find it, package it and sell it. Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

For example, what do your friends or family tell you’re good at? What challenges have you faced and conquered? Over time have you learned new skills?

These are all products… Finished products. Just sitting in your computer or in your mind, waiting to be shared.

Products created from your personal experience are the best because you know the frustration your clients are going through. Read More

How To Accomplish Almost Anything In 24 Hours

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As a work-at-home Mom, I have mastered the art of finishing things very quickly. But, despite the fact that tasks have to be completed in a short amount of time, my chosen professions require that I am very detail-oriented and error-free with my results.

I am meticulous and calculated in every minute of my day. From the time I wake up until the time I fall into my bed at night, I have my goal for that day in mind and I plan to finish most tasks in 24 hours.
Here are my tips on how to get almost anything done in 24 hours. Read More

Six Strategies For Self Care That You Can Actually Keep

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Six Strategies For Self Care That You Can Actually Keep

You’re a busy bee. You have a thousand things to do, with a million things overdue. I get that. But let’s take a step back and talk about you.

Self-care. The term gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean?

Self-care means think of yourself first. I don’t mean this in a super selfish way (I actually do) but in the sense that you’re remembering to check in with your physical and mental states to make sure they’re doing alright.

It means taking time out of your busy schedule to do something good for yourself.

It’s that easy. And I have 6 self care strategies to make it even easier for every entrepreneur:

*Mario voice* Let’s a go!

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Good CEOs Aren’t Busy

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How to grow from a 5 person company to a 500 person company.

“Once you build out your executive team you’ll have so much time on your hands you won’t know what to do with yourself!” said one of our investors. We’d just raised our $20M series B for Bigcommerce in 2012 and upon hearing that, both Eddie and I thought “Ha, yeah right! I don’t have time to do anything but work and that won’t change!”.

Back then our “executive team” was me, Eddie and Rob — our current CFO and COO. We were a force to be reckoned with, but we were just 3 people.
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3 Steps to Raising Your Rates and Getting Paid What You’re Worth

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Raise rates


As a business coach for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, one of the main reasons people come to me is they’re stuck in a cycle of low-paying, high-maintenance clients. Can you relate?

If you’ve ever found yourself…

  • Working all hours and still not making the money you want
  • Working on small jobs with fast turnarounds and no budget
  • Confused about what to charge and how to command the fee you want

….you’re not alone! Most freelancers price too low, typically born of the belief that if we price low, we’ll get more clients. But the truth is, it’s the fastest route to feeling resentful and burned out. Not to mention, being the cheapest option is not a competition you can, or want to win. Read More